CERN   26-27-28   April 2006

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Purpose of the POSIPOL 2006 Workshop

This workshop discusses options and open issues of a polarized positron (POSItons POLarisés in French) source based on laser Compton back scattering for ILC and CLIC, and it coordinates R &D efforts towards a complete Compton source design.
The workshop topics include the optical layout and the beam dynamics of the Compton ring and its injector, the laser system, the optical cavities and the feedback. It will also include the e+ production, the capture system, the e+ stacking in the accumulator or in the damping ring and the e+ pre-linac. The polarimetry issues will be treated as well.
The experimental program from the different laboratories (KEK, LAL, Frascati, SLAC, DESY,...) including various light sources will be discussed. An overview and a comparison with the undulator source will be presented.
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