CERN   26-27-28   April 2006

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Page content: What is INDICO - Submit/delete abstracts - Link to INDICO

What is INDICO

The CERN Document Server Software Consortium has developed a new web application to schedule and organise conferences, from single talks to complex meetings with sessions and contributions.

The tool also includes an advanced user delegation mechanism, allow paper reviewing, archival of conference information and electronic proceedings.

How to submit (delete) an abstract to POSIPOL2006 using INDICO

Upload your contribution

  1. Once in INDICO you will see at the upper right side of the page the sign login where you must click to enter your INDICO’s login/password
  2. At the left panel you will find then an entry named ‘My conference’. From there you will be able to upload the document(s) of your talk(s).

Delete a file

N.B. INDICO uses the 'Submit material' - instead of 'Manage' - to submit or to delete a previous submission.

  1. Under “My conference” click the name of your contribution
  2. Click the 'Submit material' button to submit or to delete a previous submission
  3. Under ‘Existing material’ click the icon with a red cross. The file is deleted

Link to INDICO

At INDICO you will find, at least, the following subjects.

To the site of INDICO

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